Why are there different eggshell colors?

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Why are there different eggshell colors?

The breed of the chicken determines shell color of an egg; in general: a brown chicken produced a brown egg, and a white chicken produces a white egg. Because brown chickens are usually larger and require more food to make an egg, brown eggs cost more than white eggs. Inherently there is no difference between brown and white eggs, but the feed the birds receive does make a difference.

Oakdell’s Brown Omega-3 specialty egg is very different because of added flaxseed, marine algae, Vitamin E, and because we do not feed any animal by-products to the birds that product these eggs. Some say that these eggs even taste better.

Oakdell’s Brown organic eggs are different than an ordinary egg because the birds are fed certified organic feed, and they are raised in a cage-free environment.

You may be interested to know that in general, brown birds are more calm by nature and do better in cage-free environments than do their white sisters.



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