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Oakdell’s Cage-free Omega-3 Extra Large brown eggs have at least 350mg of total Omega-3, which includes over 125 mg DHA per egg, and an Omega 6:3 ratio of 2:1. The Omega-3 fatty acids are not destroyed by cooking or baking… Read More >>



Great and affordable source of protein good for any meal. No hormones or antibiotics are added. Omega-3s have many benefits. 10 times more Omega-3 than ordinary white eggs. A Utah’s Own Product – produced in Cache Valley… Rea



Oakdell’s Cage-free Omega-3 Brown Eggs are produced by birds fed special diets to increase certain nutritional components of the egg. For example, Oakdell adds extra vitamin E and feeds flaxseed and marine algae to its brown birds to… Read More >>

About Oakdell Egg Farms

Youve been eating Oakdell eggs for years and probably didnt even know it. Oakdells hens have been laying eggs right in your area since 1905. Many of your store brand eggs including Smiths, Maceys, Albertsons (in WA & OR), WinCo (UT, WA & OR only) , Dans, Fred Meyer, Harmons, and Costco (UT & ID only) are from Oakdell Egg Farms.

Oakdell produces Non-GMO Organic Cage-free eggs from our farm in Cache Valley Utah. Look for them in the Oakdell Organic Cage-free carton, or in Utah and Idaho at Costco under the Kirkland Signature label. Our Cage-free brown Organic eggs come from hens that are fed non-GMO grain, have access to the outdoors, are never in cages, and are always free to roam. We continue to produce an Omega-3 brown egg from brown hens fed an enriched vegetarian diet.


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