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What about cholesterol?

This is an interesting issue that has possibly incorrectly implicated eggs. In February 2011 USDA data revealed that eggs actually have 14% lower cholesterol than previously recorded – the new reported level is 185 mg per large egg.

There are two kinds of cholesterol: blood serum and dietary. Blood cholesterol is naturally occurring and can increase risk of heart disease. Dietary cholesterol comes from food we eat, like meat, eggs, dairy, and seafood. Our bodies do not automatically convert dietary cholesterol to blood cholesterol. Research shows that dietary cholesterol does not significantly increase blood cholesterol levels in most people. Saturated fats seem to be a bigger culprit. Studies published in an American Heart Association journal showed that 20 healthy young men and 13 healthy young women with normal blood cholesterol levels were able to consume up to two eggs per day while on a low-fat diet without significantly raising their blood cholesterol levels. The outcome of this study suggests that an egg or two daily may be acceptable for people with normal blood cholesterol levels. (Courtesy of the American Egg Board)

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