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Do You Have Organic, or Cage-free Birds?

Yes we do, and they are certified by the American Humane Association, Humane Farm Animal Care and the USDA. Did you know that by definition, all organic eggs must be cage-free, but cage-free eggs do not have to be organic? Organic egg must come from cage-free birds fed organic feed.  For most of our 110+ years in egg production we have produced cage-free eggs. We recently built a new state-of-the-art organic cage-free production farm, and are in the process of converting many conventional white caged barns to cage-free where we take additional precautions to enhance bird comfort and improve food safety. We will continue this conversion process as long as people are willing to buy these eggs.

Some of these eggs are sold under the Oakdell Organic brown egg label, some as Costco’s Kirkland Signature Organic label, some at Kroger’s Simple Truth as well as a few other brands throughout most of the Intermountain area. In additions, we are now fully prepared to convert customers to Cage-free white eggs as we did all Costcos under their Kirkland Signature label that had previously been sold under our Oakdell brand of conventionally produced white eggs. This conversion is very expensive and takes time, but by working with our valued customers, we are willing to supply the eggs our customers and end users want.

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