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Do you Dye your Brown Eggs?

No, but a few people have noticed that occasionally when brown eggs are boiled in vinegar water they can take a towel and wipe off some of the brown color as seen on the top seven eggs in the photo below.  Here is why:  When a bird produces an egg, one of the last things she does is to add the pigmentation for color of the shell, and then place it on these beautiful nutritious gems herself. The color is a very thin layer that can come off until it is well set on the egg.  The vinegar in the water causes a chemical reaction that can allow some of he color to be removed.  The color is not part of the shell itself.

20140528 Color off Eggs

Another example of color being removed is shown in the next photo below.  The light rings around the eggs were caused by the washing process as the eggs rolled over the conveyor where they touched the rollers, and removed some of the brown pigmentation.  Remember: color is one of the last things the bird adds and in this case, the eggs were so fresh, the pigment had likely not set permanently onto the shell.

20140528 Ring on Eggs

In summary:  Don’t be alarmed if some of this thin layer of color comes off.  Color can easily be removed physically or chemically – as in the case with vinegar.  To test the physical removal method, just take a little piece of sandpaper or emery board and rub the egg – you will see the white color underneath.  We definitely do not dye the eggs as that is the job of our beautiful brown birds!

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